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Sid the Surf. Those three little words are enough to make buildings shake. Sid the Surf. The one name that brings shrieks from the youngsters and squeals from the ladies. But, who is this legend? Where did he come from? And why is he here?

Sid's origins remain the deepest of mysteries. His formation is a secret every bit as closely guarded as his activities in the military. Appearing out of nowhere and carrying no name in the mid-1970s, Sid lived the nomadic existence of a traveling Disc Jockey. It was well-known DJ and television star, Jay Thomas, who first dubbed him "Sid the Surf"... and a legend was born.

Rising from the sands of the beaches with his new name, Sid slowly evolved into the being he is today. A fortuitous venture to the mountains of Western North Carolina saw Sid's legend grow to Elvis-like proportions... with one small exception: Sid is still rocking today. Where's Elvis? Hang out with Sid long enough and you just might find out.

With shows spanning the entire Southeastern United States, Sid has performed for entities from high schools all the way to some of the country's largest corporations. His legendary performances keep him returning year-after-year. Sid even performed for the cast and crew of the smash hit movie, "Dirty Dancing." What? You thought Patrick Swayze just woke up knowing how to dance?

Is he a man? Is he a machine? Is he something else entirely? Would a mere man have the stamina to log the hours that Sid logs? Would a mere man have the ability to build a collection of music which numbers more than 14,000 titles spanning 80 years? Is it a coincidence that no one had heard the name "Sid the Surf" until the Apollo space program ended? How else, other than him being brought back from the heavens, to explain his incredible light show which seemingly descends from outer space? Is his trademark craziness - featuring a dizzying array of crazy hats, a dazzling wardrobe, amazing puppets, and explosive toilet paper - really something that a man from this planet would exhibit? You'd think with this kind of craziness that Sid would be banned from more than just one location. But, when the people of the Southeast want the hottest, hippest sound in the world, you can't keep them away from Sid the Surf.

What is it that sets Sid apart from other mere human DJs? Is it the ridiculous amount of music he has available at his magic fingertips? Is it the hours of pre-show preparation that Sid puts into each and every show to make sure that each customer is absolutely delighted? Is it the spectacular light show? The scintillating party photos he makes available after each show? It's all of these and more. No one else can keep boys, girls, men, women, dogs, and cats on the edge of their seats and on their feet at the same time. Sid brings the most fun possible out of each and every group... and leaves them begging for more.

Sid is not just a man. He's not just a war hero. He's not just a community volunteer. He's not just a friend. He's not just a businessman. He's not just a local radio star. And he's not clinically insane. What he is ... is a living, breathing fun machine.

Maybe he's not human, after all.